It may or may not be obvious, but the early months of the Cosmic Love Biscuit podcasts have been pre-recorded and edited, including my station promos, track listings and other talk. That has been pretty much a requirement in the age of pandemic radio - throw the program together at home and upload to the station to be broadcast at its scheduled moment.

I like this method, as you can imagine, because it gives me time to think about what I want the show to feature and how I want to structure it. Now that everyone, including me, is getting vaccinated, the program director is asking me to think about doing the show live. In particular, he wants better, or more consistent, vocal quality using the station's suite of microphones.

And I'm okay with that. It makes sense to me. I've worked the desk at our community station in the past, always as a substitute DJ, and I've always enjoyed it. So no doubt it's going to happen, and soon.

With this in mind, I am sitting at home tonight, listening to the show I put together weeks ago as it broadcasts to our local community, and to the world via the KOPN.ORG web feed. Why? Because I want to know if I can adjust my wake cycle to handle three hours of live podcasting from midnight to 3 a.m.


  1. Thanks Mike, for all your hard work in producing an amazing show and of course, showcasing the works from artists on the E-Con & Polyglot labels! Can't wait to hear the show!

    1. You and James and the E-Con crew have done and continue to do the real work, selecting and editing and assembling and whatnot. I ran a label for while and know how much there is to think about and get done. So congrats to you, Troy, and thanks much for the interview! Here's hoping we'll do it again sometime.


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