It's the middle of March 2021. Cosmic Love Biscuit radio is less than one month old at this point, but it's raging on nicely. We've been defining and refining the concept and structure of this three-hour midnight to 3 a.m. bit of quiet noise, and having fun doing it, though we must admit it's a bigger job than we imagined to gather and edit that much programming each week. But we have a fine library of sounds by DJs and labels and artists to draw on. The hardest part to kickstart has been the talk: how much, what about, why do it at all. The first program, in February, and some since, have no talk at all except the required promos at the top and 30 minute marks. But it's getting easier.

The question we've struggled with from the start has been, why explain anything in a program about mostly wordless music. Music that comes from a low-ego, more or less selfless culture (unlike heavy-beat EDM) where artists almost always use an ever-shifting roster of pseudonyms.

But it also seems unfair, and kind of selfish, to avoid giving useful information about what we're playing and where it comes from. After all, some fine artists have put their hearts and careers into producing these tracks, and some DJs with excellent taste have chosen them for performances. We're drawing on these, so maybe a bit of credit is due.

Speaking of credit, allow me to share this link to photographs of the late 80s and early 90s rave culture. This sent to us by a young woman who was there and who, to our undying gratitude, introduced us to this amazing cultural revolution.

We'll surely have more to say about all this later. For now, dance on yall!!


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