First Cosmic Love Biscuits Compilation Album

Hi electronic music fans. Rumor has it that, since It’s so easy and inexpensive to do, everybody and their favorite pet is producing electronic music tracks these days. That’s a fine thing, in my opinion. If you’re a listener to the Cosmis Love Biscuits Flower Hours, either live or streamed, I have an invitation for you. CLB, as we’re fondly known, will soon produce one or more albums of original tracks by artists like you who have tuned in to the Cosmic Love Biscuits program. If you would like me to air your music here, complete with credits, simply upload your track, in MP3 format please, anywhere I can download it, such as

Send the download link to me at The only rules: first, keep the length of your track to ten minutes or less. Low beats or soft beats or no beats will be most welcome. Vocals are optional, but if you sample them, make sure you have the rights to them. As for genre, I don’t care, but please don’t beat us over the head with heavy beats or rap. Cosmic Love Biscuits is all about relaxing music for the soul and emotions as well as the body. If all you send me is rap tracks, I’ll do a special hour featuring that, but it might take a good while before you hear it.

Name your tracks with your name  (real or alias, I don’t care) followed by the track name. You can send up to two tracks each month.

That’s about it. Compressed files uploaded to, with links sent to me at Local and regional artists preferred, but if you hear my show, you're part of the party.


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